Can you spare 1 euro?

Give a private donation til Gadens Boern:

Open MobilePay

Open the MobilePay app on your phone

Choose amount

Choose the amount you want to donate

Send to 33 96 93

Write 'Kilimanjaro' in the comment section

All donations goes directly to Gadens Boern to fund their charitable work for street children in Kolkata

Tax deduction

In Denmark (where Gadesn Boern and Cuneo Charity is based) you can get a 26 % tax deduction on your donation, up til 17.000 DKR pr. year.

To claim a tax deduction you need to send your full name and your social security number to Gadens Boern via. email:

Don't have MobilePay? No problem!

If you dont have MobilePay, you can make a private donation on Gadens Boern website. Just click the button on fill out the form.


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